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Cutting-edge asset tracking applications take advantage of Internet of Things (IoT), RFID and sensor-based technologies to improve supply chain visibility, ROI, operational efficiency and manage risk. But the learning curve is steep, data streams are enormous and integrations are challenging to say the least. 

ORBCOMM's iApp enables the rapid development of enterprise IoT solutions, allowing users to track, monitor, control and automate virtually any asset or process involved in the supply chain using RFID, GPS, barcodes and other sensors.

Leverage complete enterprise IoT solutions from device to dashboard, while reducing the time, cost and complexity of deploying RFID-based IoT solutions related to:

  • Transportation: RFID-based tracking and monitoring of cargo. Improve fleet efficiency with real-time location and status information.
  • Supply Chain: Streamline the supply chain and effectively manage inventory every step of the way.
  • Manufacturing: Track high-value equipment and tools for improved operational efficiency.
  • Inventory: Streamline and reduce costs of inventory, warehouse and yard management operations.


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ORBCOMM acquired InSync in January 2015, and continues to offer the same innovative IoT platform and RFID-based software solutions you've come to expect related to transportation, healthcare, aerospace, defense, manufacturing and more.

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5 Reasons to Choose ORBCOMM for Enterprise IoT Solutions


1. Quick and Easy
Dramatically reduce time and complexity in creating IoT applications with our online development and run-time environment.

2. Integrated
Expert integration with enterprise systems and third-party software applications for broader, more robust, contextual IoT applications.

3. Single-source
Deploy complete solutions without the complexity of using multiple providers.

4. Flexible
Use multiple technologies for identification, location and condition monitoring: BLE, RFID, WIP, barcode, Wi-Fi, GPS, RTLS, cellular and satellite.

5. Cost-Effective
Save development and integration costs, and reduce upfront expenses by using hosted software.


“(ORBCOMM's) advanced software and RFID technology allow us to introduce a more accurate and cost-effective audit system to our customers. They gain complete visibility into their off-site records inventory and ensure compliance for records management activities while reducing storage and information management costs.”

Erik Johanson, Director of Process Engineering, Iron Mountain

“The vision of IoT promises to change how society benefits from machines embedded with greater intelligence, improving the decisions organizations make and ultimately the quality of service delivered to their end users. To that end, we look forward to exploring future opportunities with a satellite M2M market leader like ORBCOMM.”

Dave Markham, Vice President of Strategy and Advanced Programs, Lockheed Martin

“We chose (ORBCOMM) for its ability to provide a single dashboard view of all inventory locations. The solution has delivered this real-time visibility and has additionally allowed us to better manage our ODMs by providing us with indisputable performance metrics.”

Atul Dhablania, Vice President of Operations, Dell SonicWALL