Solar-Powered Trailer Tracking

The Industry's Most Trusted Trailer Telematics Solution

Designed specifically for trailers and general asset tracking, ORBCOMM’s solar-powered GT 1100 has a small form factor that makes it easy to install on trailers and containers to provide complete asset visibility, improve operations and lower the cost of doing business—for years without battery changes.

New! ORBCOMM’s LTE-Enabled GT 1100 Devices Certified for Use on AT&T and T-Mobile Networks

5 Reasons to Choose GT 1100

  1. Low Power Consumption and Self-Powered
    Sealed and waterproof solar panel provides continuous power to rechargeable batteries for reliable trailer tracking.
  2. Long Battery Life
    Lasts for years even in the harshest environments, providing continuous service without battery changes.
  3. Complete Fleet Visibility
    Integrated with ORBCOMM’s CargoWatch® application for virtually unlimited position reports via cellular. Add satellite capability where cellular is not available.
  4. Flexible
    Add door and cargo sensors for added visibility.
  5. Cost-Effective
    Better fleet utilization, less maintenance and lower expenses over time.