oil & gas fleet management

Oil & Gas Fleet Management and Safety

The only fleet safety solution born in the oil & gas industry

The only telematics system purpose-built for the unique needs of the oil & gas industry, ORBCOMM’s technology is designed to improve fleet safety, efficiency and compliance for oilfield fleet managers. 

From the unrelenting heat of Texas to the freezing tundra of Alaska, the industry's top companies trust our ruggedized (IP66) solution for critical oil & gas fleet management operations. ORBCOMM is improving oil & gas fleet safety and operations via:

  • Fleet Safety and Visibility: Use GPS to track vehicles involved in traditional and unconventional oil & gas operations. Receive trips details, stop reports, geofences, breadcrumbs and immediate incident alerts.
  • Verbal In-Cab Driver Coaching: Send real-time verbal alerts for speeding and aggressive driving before it is too late.
  • Speed-by-Street™: Compare vehicle speed to our proprietary database of posted speed limits.
  • Seat Belt Use Alerts: Ensure drivers are wearing a seat belt by sending alerts to drivers and managers.
  • Crash & Roll Over Detection: Receive instant notification via phone, text or e-mail when a vehicle has been in a crash.
  • Automated Exception Alerts: Get alerted immediately when a driver commits a serious violation.
  • Compliance: Eliminate time-consuming paper logs with electronic Hours-of-Service (HOS) reporting, receive hazardous load notifications, and ensure compliance with regulations and IVMS/IOGP standards.
  • Fuel Savings: Monitor miles per gallon (mpg) for each fleet vehicle and driver on a daily basis.
  • …and much more.

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Actual customer results after 90 days:

  • 90% Reduction in Accidents
  • 89% Reduction in Aggressive Driving
  • 86% Reduction in Speeding
  • 88% Reduction in Seat Belt Violations

“The ability to have verbal coaching within 7 seconds while driving greatly identifies bad driving habits along with eliminating complacency behind the wheel, which has shown to improve any driver’s behavior.”
—Safety Director, Complete Energy Services