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Trailer Telematics that Pays for Itself

Get tracking with the industry leader in smart telematics

Knowing how, when and where your trailers, containers and railcars are being used is key to managing your fleet efficiently. The right trailer telematics platform pays for itself while giving you a leg up on your competition by allowing you to:

  • Optimize turn-time and utilization
  • Automate yard checks and workflows
  • Improve driver retention, performance and satisfaction
  • Enable preventative maintenance
  • Reduce labor costs, theft and misuse
  • …and much more.

ORBCOMM’s CargoWatch® telematics application provides virtually unlimited reports on position, sensors, motion, status and more. Here are 3 of our customers’ favorites:

Asset History
Get a complete view of where trailers have been and their status— GPS location, speed and heading, start/stop reports, geofences, and status of battery, fuel levels and refrigeration unit.

Inventory Report
Perform a virtual yard check to see the number of assets in a given location like a yard, city, state and region—without being on site.

Dwell Grid
See which assets have entered and departed geofenced locations as well as fuel levels/consumption, engine hours and time spent at location.

Access data in real time Access historical data for improved business planning Monitor dwell times to improve asset utilization Track the location of assets in real time with map view


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“ORBCOMM’s solution will enable us to improve our tractor-to-trailer ratio, streamline operations and better manage our fleet through increased visibility and real-time trailer data where and when we need it.”

Dan Summitt, President, Swing Transport Inc.