Vehicle Camera Surveillance: 24/7 '360°'

Monitor driver behaviour and vehicle activity with live-view video and audio recording.

  • Cameras to monitor behind, in front and around your vehicle
  • In-cab audio allows analysis, verification, and monitoring of communication and other cabin sounds
  • Suited to fleet operators, industrial plant vehicles and heavy machinery, emergency and public transport vehicles
  • Remote hard disk capacities between 500 GB and 1 TB and up to 180 days of recordings
  • Choose between continuous recording; driver behaviour event; and emergency event buffering
  • Files can create an evidence report including video footage, screenshots, location and related data
  • Essential for insurance purposes and third-party claims


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Know what's really happening in and around your vehicle!

Our range of camera surveillance solutions:

2 Camera

2 Camera Solution

One front-facing camera and one cabin camera with mobile hard-drive technology with a storage capacity of 500 GB.

2 Camera

3 Camera Solution

A third camera can face out the back window; focus on a loading bay or the vehicle's fuel cap/tank.

2 Camera

4 Camera Solution

A fourth camera can be placed in one of several positions on a vehicle to ensure full video coverage of the vehicle and its surroundings.

2 Camera

Mobile App

Tracking, monitoring, snapshotting and live streaming to PCs and smartphones on user-friendly software.

2 Camera


The 3 and 4 camera configurations come with 1 TB of mobile hard-drive technology and can record 180 days of data.

2 Camera


The system works on a cellular network which allows for live-streaming. Data can also be buffered and relayed when there is no signal.

Reduce costs and improve efficiencies while creating driver accountability!