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Webinar: Cold Chain Compliance in Food Logistics

Handling Temperature-Controlled Shipments in a Competitive and Regulated Environment

Handling time- and temperature-sensitive food/beverage shipments in a highly competitive and regulated environment creates unique challenges for logistics partners and others that support the global cold chain. What are those challenges? How are they being addressed? What are obligations under FSMA and other regulations. Where do the opportunities lie? 

Join Chris Kalinski, ORBCOMM's VP of Food Safety and Pharmaceutical Solutions, as he and other cold chain experts engage in a candid discussion on these and other issues related to cold chain management. 


Chris Kalinski John Haggerty Bruce Stubbs
Chris Kalinski
Vice President Food Safety and Pharmaceutical Solutions
John Haggerty
Vice President Business Development
Burris Logistics
Bruce Stubbs
Director of Supply Chain Marketing

Moderated by Lara L. Sowinski, Editorial Director for Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive

cold chain and food logistics

By enabling precise temperature monitoring, fuel management, preventive maintenance and remote control for food, pharmaceuticals and other temperature-controlled cargo, ORBCOMM helps customers improve end-to-end operations and gain total assurance from the product’s origin to destination.

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