Cold Chain Monitoring: A Smarter, More Powerful Solution

ReeferTrak: The industry’s leading, two-way reefer monitoring solution

Aside from the obvious financial costs of improper cargo temperature control, today's regulatory climate demands that refrigerated assets be monitored and controlled in real time. Trusted by the biggest names in the business, ReeferTrak—ORBCOMM’s two-way reefer management and control system—is the solution of choice for cold chain monitoring.

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ORBCOMM’s ReeferTrak provides all the reports, events and alarms needed to provide superior refrigerated transportation services, reduce fleet operating costs and ensure regulatory compliance. So whether you operate a small truck fleet or multi-temperature/multi-zone trailers, ReeferTrak protects your cargo by providing complete control of the cold chain / reefer environment.

5 Reasons to Choose ReeferTrak

  1. Reduce Costs
    Reduce fuel, labor and warranty costs while improving asset utilization.
  2. Optimize Temperature Control
    Customize temperatures to your organization’s unique needs, significantly reducing operating costs while delivering a high ROI.
  3. Ensure Regulatory Compliance
    Increase in-transit visibility and efficiency to help ensure regulatory compliance.
  4. Trusted & Proven
    With over 75,000 assets tracked in the field, it’s no surprise that some of the world’s top trucking and logistics companies choose ORBCOMM for cold chain monitoring.
  5. Smart & Flexible
    Identify exceptions and quickly solve problems in minutes without the need for field intervention. Use as standalone or integrate into existing systems.


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