dry van trailer tracking with IoT and M2M

Dry Van Trailer Tracking White Paper

Transforming Dry Van Trailer Operations with IoT Connectivity

The future of dry van trailer tracking is here. Over the next five years, billions of everyday objects, including trailers, will transition from ‘dark, dumb and disconnected’ to ‘visible, smart and connected’ thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) and telematics technology.

Why Download?

dry van trailer tracking white paper

This paper is a must-read for carriers, shippers, 3PL providers and anyone involved in dry van trailer operations looking to realize the following benefits of IoT connectivity solutions:

  • improve fleet utilization and operational efficiency
  • reduce trailer detention costs
  • automate trailer yard checks and inventory reports
  • increase driver productivity, safety and retention
  • enhance theft detection, prevention and recovery
  • ...and many more.

IoT solutions are adding intelligence to road transport operations and ‘turning the lights on’ on cargo hauling equipment. Assets that once went dark while on the road or at a customer’s yard, can now report real-time location and status periodically or on demand. 

This White Paper explores key industry and IoT technology trends driving adoption of telematics systems for real-time remote monitoring of dry van trailers.