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Is your ELD solution not living up to expectations? Get access to the most trusted, driver-friendly solution for ELD compliance on the market. ORBCOMM’s ELD platform delivers improved safety, efficiency, productivity and so much more.

Reliable, third-party-certified in-cab devices based on Android; the future-proofed BT500 hardware platform; and ORBCOMM's powerful back-end reporting platform—together provide the industry’s most comprehensive, driver-friendly and game-changing ELD solution available today.


ELD testimonials

What they’re saying:

“It’s something that was going to be a positive—to be able to show the drivers ‘Yes, we’re going ELD, but you’re also getting some benefits out of, too’. Initially the drivers were against doing anything different, but after about two trips with the systems they liked it way better.”

—Doug Ostrowski, Director of Operations, Queen Transportation


“Overall, I’d say across the fleet it has boosted efficiency—it’s an easy system to work with. The driverslike it.”

—Randy Martin, Compliance Manager, Dutch Valley Foods


The ELD solution that supports drivers and yields immediate ROI for your bottom line.