Get Even More from Your Fleet Management Solution

ORBCOMM and PeopleNet: Integrated In-Cab Messaging and Asset Tracking

PeopleNet’s integration with ORBCOMM’s asset tracking solutions allows drivers to monitor the status warnings and alarms of up to three temperature zones in refrigerated trailers.

Benefits of Choosing ORBCOMM for Refrigerated Asset Tracking:

  • Effectively manage transportation of refrigerated cargo:
    • Create load temperature records for distribution to customers
    • Identify exceptions and temperature risks
    • Remotely turn on/off and change temperature of refrigeration units
    • Achieve and demonstrate temperature compliance
  • Reduce labor and increase employee satisfaction:
    • Eliminate manual yard checks
    • Locate lost trailers
  • Increase security, Eliminate fuel and cargo theft:
    • Identify fuel theft at the pump
    • Receive alerts when fuel levels decrease faster that can be reasonably used by a reefer
    • Identify potential theft of cargo while en route
    • Track trailers even when disconnected from tractor
    • Quickly confirm fuel usage compared to invoice