FSMA Compliance Solutions

FSMA Compliance Solutions

Temperature Management Solutions for Food Transporters

FSMA: Get Informed. Get Equipped. Get Compliant. 

Comprehensive temperature monitoring, control and compliance for the transport of temperature-controlled cargo.

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has introduced a series of stringent new requirements on food transporters, who are turning to technology to enable temperature management and compliance in their fleets.

FSMA's Sanitary Transportation rule includes provisions for trailer design, vehicle cleanliness, precooling and in-transit temperature monitoring, training guidelines as well as data collection and record keeping.

ORBCOMM FSMA Compliance Solutions Include:

  • Temperature compliance and management
  • Remote reefer control
  • Trailer precool notifications
  • Real-time alarms
  • Advanced reporting and interactive charts
  • Seamless third-party system integration
  • Archived records and documents
  • On-the-go reefer management

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5 Ways ORBCOMM Can Help You Get FSMA Compliant


1. Temperature Management
Manage (single or multi-temp) trailer asset temperature with detailed reports, real-time alarms, and interactive charts that can also be downloaded to PDF or Excel.

2. Remote Reefer Control
Connect directly to reefer microprocessor for accurate temperature readings and two-way control. Adjust temperature, turn reefer on/off, and initiate pretrip or defrost remotely.

3. Trailer Precooling
Get notified when a reefer reaches precool levels or fails to precool. Automatically send precool notifications to third parties to streamline cargo chain of custody.

4. Temperature Certification and Data Collection
Capture and store temperature records for quick delivery to shippers, loaders and receivers as proof of precool and in-transit temperature compliance. 

5. Records and Documentation
Kepp 90-day historical data at your fingertips and archive records for 12 months. Keep a centralized document repository for sanitation checklists, wash-out records and more.


“With FSMA regulations coming into play, we needed a reliable and cost-effective solution to support our customers’ chain of custody demands and meet the temperature requirements for transporting their freight. ORBCOMM’s powerful cold chain solution not only provides the valuable data insights we need to help our business be compliant and more profitable but also gives us an advantage in the highly competitive refrigerated transport market.”

Paul Withrow, Chief Operating Officer, Northern Refrigerated Transportation, Inc.