GPS Tracking: Vehicle, Heavy Machinery, Cargo & Personal Trackers

Pinpoint the location of your assets within a 2.5 metre accuracy anywhere in South Africa from your desktop or mobile device!

Track and monitor:

  • Fleet Management
  • Site Personnel
  • Outdoor Athletes
  • Security Guards
  • Yellow Plant Equipment
  • Mobile or Fixed Assets

Receive SMS notifications and send panic SOS alerts with Google GPS co-ordinates to 4 contacts in the case of an emergency, accident or theft!


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We’ve got a tracking solution for your application, guaranteed:

Devices as small as a credit card. Up to 400 hours standby operation

Fleet Management

Locate your vehicles, track driver performance and set geo-location parameters

  • Critical path scheduling and monitoring
  • Pinpoint the location and remotely immobilise lost or stolen fleets
  • Monitor fuel consumption and driver performance

Outdoor Athlete Tracking

Ideal for cyclists, hikers, deep sea fishermen, etc.

  • Know their location and safety status
  • Emergency alert when an athlete has fallen
  • Panic SOS alarm button
  • GPS co-ordinates given with alert

Security Guards Tracking

Personnel tracking provides security companies and managers with live movement and event monitoring

  • Monitor security guards movements
  • Generate geo-location audits geo-fence boundary crossings based on time, distance and changes in direction
  • Automatic ‘man-down’ feature activates SOS alert

Yellow Plant Management

  • Get alerted to unauthorised entry in predefined geo-fenced locations and predefined time intervals
  • Receive alerts of excessive idling to monitor productivity including driver identification and fuel consumption
  • Site planning and scheduled maintenance by tracking operating hours and ensuring your machines are operating where they should be

Vehicles, Cargo and Container Management

Locate, monitor performance and authorise management of your high-value or mission critical assets

  • Locate your fixed or mobile assets anywhere in Africa, from copper transportation to electricity distribution
  • Reduce insurance costs reduce risk associated with stolen cargo or spoiled goods
  • Ideal for any high-value or mission-critical asset in oil and gas, power and water consumption, agriculture and pipeline management

Site Personnel and Visitors Tracking

Track the performance and safety of your mobile workforce and site visitors by monitoring movements within a geo-fenced area

  • Full audit trail of movements and instructions
  • Compliant to new MHSA regulations fortracking site visitors:
  • Voice-enabled and text communication

All data is collected and analysed with our innovative software:

  • Complete visibility of your assets in real-time, available 24/7 from your mobile or desktop device
  • Generates a range of reports and actionable data: geo-location audits, emergency event notifications, geo-fence boundary crossings, and scheduled GPS reporting

We have supplied thousands of satellite and GSM data communication terminals across South Africa, the majority of these continue to operate reliably often in the harshest and most remote of environments.

We will customise a GPS tracking solution according to your application. Contact us today


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