Webinar: IoT Gives Birth to the New Supply Chain Agenda

Discover the ROI of the IoT: Next-Level Supply Chain Asset Tracking Using RFID, Telemetry and More

An explosion in applications for RFID and telemetry has made cold chain management, fleet management, and asset tracking commonplace. Now these basic technologies are being combined with Big Data analytics to give rise to supply mega-chains and direct-to-customer fulfillment.

Join Ashish Chona from ORBCOMM and Isabel Chapman from Machina Research for this free webinar which highlights IoT and M2M case studies that stress ROI and other KPI’s to illustrate the state-of-the art in supply chain management

IoT Supply Chain webinar

Ashish ChonaSpeaker: Mr. Ashish Chona, Senior Vice President of IoT Software Solutions, ORBCOMM
Mr. Chona’s responsibilities include sales and business development of ORBCOMM’s enterprise software solutions. His experience and areas of interest are Mobility, Location and Identification based technologies and services, Internet & Middleware technologies, Robotics, Enterprise software and Embedded systems.

Moderator: Isabel Chapman, Principal Analyst, Machina Research
Isabel ChapmanIsabel has over 15 years experience in both the telecoms and IT sectors, with much time spent at the intersection of the two. Isabel has a background in strategy consulting, product development, and partner alliances at companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Motorola and Deloitte. At Machina Research, Isabel ‘s focus is Enterprise and Industrial IoT. 

About the IMC
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