refrigeration trailer tracking

Refrigerated Transport Monitoring from the Industry Leader

Complete Reefer Management Made Simple

Refrigerated trailer management just got easier and more complete thanks to ORBCOMM’s new PT 6000. Available in cellular or dual-mode satellite-cellular, the PT 6000 enables comprehensive fuel and temperature management, maintenance, logistics and regulatory compliance for refrigerated trailers and transport assets.

refrigerated trailer tracking: PT 6000

As part of a comprehensive reefer telematics solution that includes sensors, connectivity and the CargoWatch® application, the PT 6000 enables complete visibility and control of cold chain operations to help ensure the integrity of temperature controlled cargo along the supply chain.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive temperature, fuel and maintenance management
  • Two-way monitoring and control
  • Easy to install
  • Multi-temperature zone support
  • Event-based alarms
  • Rugged and small form factor
Application screen shots:
Dynamic temperature graphs Precool status reports and notifications Comprehensive temperature management



5 Reasons to Choose the PT 6000 for Monitoring Refrigerated Trailers


1. Enable Two-Way Communications
Remotely set reefer temperature, change reefer state, initiate a defrost and more with two-way commands.

2. Receive Alarms and Notifications
Receive real-time alarms when specific conditions are detected—reefer turned on/off, temperature deviations, geofence entry/exit, rapid fuel loss and more.

3. Feature Rich with Multi-Zone Sensors
Compatible and easy to install, supports up to three temperature sensors for reefers with multiple zones. Rechargeable battery reports for up to ten days with no vehicle power.

4. Rugged, Compact and Easy to Install
The PT 6000 has a small form factor and has been built to operate in harsh environments. The device can be easily installed on the wall of a refrigerated trailer or inside a reefer cabinet.

5. Powerful Web Application and Third-Party Integration
CargoWatch provides unparalleled visibility, analytics and a direct interface to the reefer microprocessor. Fully integrated with third-party dispatch and in-cab software.


“Partnering with a technology leader like ORBCOMM ensures that we are getting a best-in-class telematics solution backed by superior customer support to manage and control our reefer trailer operations.”

Doug Schrier, Vice President of Continuous Improvement and Program Management, Covenant Transportation Group