Real-Time Location System (RTLS) Mining Solutions

Real-Time Visibility and Control for Mining Operations

Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technologies, sensors and mobile devices give today’s mining companies instant access to unprecedented levels of information. ORBCOMM’s single-source RTLS solutions provide complete visibility and control of above and below ground mining operations to allow for better decision making and emergency response.

5 Reasons to Choose ORBCOMM Real-Time Location System (RTLS) Solutions for Underground Mine Tracking:

1. Track Mine Production and People
Use RTLS to track electronically tagged mine workers and visitors, monitor draw and dump locations, and record routes and lap times for mining optimization and compliance. 

2. Increase Mine Worker Safety
Track mining workers, dispatch first responders, reduce drill times and receive reports/alerts to monitor all mine workers. Implement ventilation on demand (VOD) for further mine worker health, safety and cost savings. 

3. Optimize Mining Vehicle Utilization
Monitor mining vehicle sensors and telematics to maximize work hours and production, help prevent theft and loss, and create inventory and utilization reports.

4. Improve Energy and Environment Management
Monitor voltage, temperature, humidity and gas levels with advanced sensors that help increase energy efficiency and allow for better mine control. Generate condition reports and receive deviation alerts.

5. Leverage a Dedicated, Single-Source Provider
ORBCOMM's flexible, turnkey solutions let you use your existing edge devices including RTLS Wi-Fi tags in your Cisco MSE/CMX network environment, leaky feeder proximity systems, Bluetooth, passive RFID or GPS and wireless vehicle telemetry devices. Enjoy superior customer service and ongoing product development. 

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