Implementing Smart Grid Technology in Remote Areas

Webinar: Smart Grid Monitoring

Smart grid solutions aim to optimize the production, distribution and consumption of power, allowing suppliers and consumers to make efficient use of the power grid. Key to a truly “smart” smart grid infrastructure is the ability to monitor, manage, automate and improve the quality of electricity supplied.

Utility companies are looking for smart grid solutions to affordably and reliably extend their communication network to improve electricity distribution and prevent outages, particularly where multiple installation points exist across remote areas.

For smart grid infrastructure to operate at peak efficiency, solutions are required that enable equipment to integrate to the information network reliably and in real time. Utility companies have traditionally made do with smart grid communication solutions that are prone to signal loss and instability at critical moments, such as during storms. Even with radio or cellular coverage, utilities infrastructure in densely populated urban areas have shown communication limitations between the devices installed in the field, and the distributor’s operations center.

About this Webinar

Monique AfnanIn this webinar, ORBCOMM Marketing Specialist Monique Afnan describes a new smart grid communications technology that is being implemented by utility companies in isolated regions. Learn about field deployments such as managing reclosers, the reasons why companies are opting for satellite-based telemetry and other applications for smart grids.