Introducing the IDP-800

About this webcast


The IDP-800 is the first terminal with a very slim profile that uses the Inmarsat constellation which has a life expectation beyond any other global constellation. That means the investment you make today will still be viable more than a decade from now. It has been designed to fit in the grooves of containers and trailers so excellent for tracking these highly mobile assets that are often in remote regions of the world.

The integrated battery compartment allows it to operate on battery alone – and that is regular off-the-shelf AA batteries and not custom battery packs. It can also run on vehicle power. The IDP-800 has been designed to allow customers to gain better visibility of the location of their assets. And by leveraging some of the other features in the terminal and of course, the application provided by Solution Providers, end customers can be armed with the information on how to improve business operations and manage risk.