Protecting Pipelines & Profit : Remote Monitoring for Leak & Theft Detection

About this webcast

$37.2 billion.*

According to one source, that is the estimated annual amount of global loss due to pipeline leaks and theft, leaving oil & gas companies facing ever increasing pressure to find innovative ways to reduce losses.

This, combined with the high costs of environmental cleanup and a dramatic increase in public scrutiny around the safety of oil & gas transport, has made finding new approaches to energy transport a top priority.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how oil & gas companies are using more sophisticated and expanded pipeline integrity solutions that decrease manual operations and site visits while improving loss detection and the bottom line.

You’ll also learn how one company is using satellite monitoring to send more accurate data from remote sites, thereby identifying thousands of undetected leaks and illegal taps, resulting in millions of dollars of increased profits.

Join M2M industry experts from ORBCOMM and TMCnet in this on-demand webinar for all of this and much more.

Photo: The Forum (University of Arkansas)