Always-on Communications for Emergency Events Management

White Paper

Emergency Management

Better communication means better emergency preparedness, quicker evacuations, and improved logistics during post-disaster crisis management.

Will you be ready for an emergency?

Whether it’s preparing for disaster, warning the public, or communicating after an emergency, organizations use satellite to establish consistent and reliable communication during times of distress. Satellite is available anywhere in the world and resistant to inclement weather events or cell service outages, making it the ideal communication link during critical times.

About this white paper:

In this white paper, learn how satellite technology can be used to communicate before, during, and after an emergency situation.

  • monitor weather stations to receive accurate and real-time meteorological information, crucial to predicting weather events
  • improve warning systems to ensure full functionality at all times, even during extreme weather
  • manage and track first responders and crisis workers travelling to distant or remote crisis areas