Optimizing Rail Operations with Real-Time Tracking & Telematics

About this white paper:

Rail Operations

As rail operations come under increased scrutiny by users, government regulators, shareholders and the public, guaranteeing both security and profitability become even more crucial to a company’s survival. Learn how real-time location tracking enable greater operational efficiencies and lower costs.

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  • Locate Your Railcars: Track railcar location and monitor critical components using timely, accurate and actionable information to optimize fleet performance.
  • Get Real-Time Location Alerts: Use GPS and geofencing to deliver near real-time alerts of critical events, such as when railcars enter or leave rail yards, border crossings and other points-of-interest.
  • Protect Railcars and Cargo: Gain full visibility of railcars and instant reporting of incidents such as rough handling impacts, truck hunting, low fuel levels on reefer cars, intrusions anywhere on the rail network.
  • Improve Safety: Keep chemicals and other hazardous materials in sight with continuous monitoring using telematics devices for rail and container operations.