The SCADA Connection: Moving Beyond Auto Dialers

White Paper

Today's technology allows users to take Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system monitoring and control to the next level and enjoy benefits never imagined with auto dialers.

Does your SCADA monitoring system rely on auto dialers?

While auto dialers are in some cases an effective way to remotely monitor pumps, valves, motors and switches, the evolution of SCADA installations has resulted in more complex equipment on site that needs to be monitored and controlled. There is also a greater demand by SCADA users to reduce time and costs by automating functions that can be done remotely. 

The right remote monitoring systems enables the collection of equipment data from remote SCADA sites and converts it into actionable intelligence using cost-effective and reliable satellite and cellular communications.

About this white paper

This white paper explores how SCADA installations can evolve from the use of auto dialers to a more comprehensive way of managing remote sites that increases visibility while reducing the costs:

  • how wireless communication enables more data and more opportunities in SCADA applications.
  • things to consider when designing/ retrofitting SCADA sites and when selecting:
    • Controllers/Data Terminal Equipment (DTE)
    • Data Communication Equipment (DCE)
    • Communications networks
  • the benefits of increased visibility at remote SCADA sites